Alzheimer’s disease cured with copper ions?アルツハイマー病が銅イオンで治る?!

The following article appeared in the Nikkei Economic Daily on 2 April 2001. Professor Sugimoto of Konan University succeeded in an experiment in which he inhibited the formation of a protein deposited in the brain during Alzheimer’s disease by administering copper ions.Alzheimer’s disease is thought to be caused by proteins that are quickly broken down in the normal state, but which are deposited and harden in the brain, invading nerve cells. Professor Sugimoto confirmed that when copper ions were mixed with this protein, copper and part of the protein bound together and prevented the protein from increasing. However, this was in a test tube. They tried various metals, but copper ions seemed to be the most effective. For more information, check the website.
A word from the 12th generation Kita Juzaemon❣
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