Here is the summary of the advantages of organic farming methods:有機栽培農法は、環境にやさしく、健康的な食品の生産に寄与する多くの利点があります。OMGT®Matcha Pasteは有機宇治抹茶使用着色料不使用です。

1.Reduction of Chemical Substances: Organic farming minimizes the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, reducing the risk of soil and groundwater contamination and minimizing environmental impact.


Alzheimer’s disease cured with copper ions?アルツハイマー病が銅イオンで治る?!


The following article appeared in the Nikkei Economic Daily on 2 April 2001. Professor Sugimoto of Konan University succeeded in an experiment in which he inhibited the formation of a protein deposited in the brain during Alzheimer’s disease by administering copper ions.Alzheimer’s disease is thought to be caused by proteins that are quickly broken down in the normal state, but which are deposited and harden in the brain, invading nerve cells. Professor Sugimoto confirmed that when copper ions were mixed with this protein, copper and part of the protein bound together and prevented the protein from increasing. However, this was in a test tube. They tried various metals, but copper ions seemed to be the most effective. For more information, check the website.
A word from the 12th generation Kita Juzaemon❣
As a tea master for generations, the most difficult thing for a tea shop is to harvest new tea and keep it fresh. This is because Japanese green tea is made by stopping fermentation in the early stages of production. The green colour of tea leaves can easily fade due to light, heat and oxidation. Therefore, OMGT LLC’s matcha paste, which is based on the principle of boiling in a copper pot, a novel way to stop the matcha matcha colour fading, is rich in copper ions. Therefore, we found this research from our knowledge of copper. The matcha paste tastes softer and has a good thirst-quenching matcha paste. Of course, it is made from safe and secure organic Uji matcha.

代々続く茶師ではありますが茶屋の困ることは、新茶を収穫してその新鮮さを保つことが一番の課題です。それは、日本緑茶は、製造初期の段階で発酵を止めて製造をしているからです。茶葉の緑色は、光、熱、酸化などで簡単に退色をします。そこで、OMGT LLCの緑茶(抹茶)色の退色を止める奇想天外な方法である、銅鍋で茹でる原理を応用した抹茶ペーストには、銅イオンが豊富に含まれています。


Copper ions are more effective than silver ions in terms of antibacterial activity!銅イオンは、銀イオンより、抗菌効果が高い!!

 Copper was commonly perceived as toxic in Showa-era education, with science textbooks stating that ‘green-blue’, a type of copper rust, was toxic. On the contrary, it was clearly clarified that green rust was not toxic, as had been thought in the past, and that it was as harmless as it could be. Thus, the question of the toxicity of green blue, which has somehow been talked about in the past, is clearly a misunderstanding. The issue of the toxicity of green blue, which had somehow been talked about in the past, turned out to be a misunderstanding. Green blue is neither deleterious nor toxic.

Copper ions are more effective than silver ions in terms of antibacterial activity!




外国の方ではどうでしょうか。海外からマスクなしで、商談に来られていました。OMGT LLC への商談や興味をもってアポイントされた方も非常に多くおられて、6人のスタッフで何とか乗り超えられたかと思います。


Simultaneous intake of green tea extract and fish oil is effective in improving cognitive function 緑茶抽出物と魚油の同時摂取が認知機能の改善に有効

Catechins in green tea are known to have antioxidant, fat-burning, and blood lipid-regulating effects.
In addition, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is found in seafood commonly consumed by Japanese people, is known to reduce the risk of heart disease and depression in the elderly. Thus, the traditional Japanese diet centered on fish and seafood is beginning to attract worldwide attention as healthy, and a research paper has been published suggesting that the simultaneous intake of tea catechins and DHA may improve cognitive function in the elderly. The researchers divided the elderly residents of a special nursing home into two groups: one group consumed green tea extract [400 mg tea catechins] + fish oil [700 mg DHA] at the same time, and the other group consumed a placebo, and each group consumed the test diet for 6 months. Cognitive function was evaluated using the revised Hasegawa Simplified Intelligence Rating Scale. As a result, there was no change in the cognitive scale values in the placebo group before and after 6 months of intake, but the cognitive scale values increased significantly in the group that consumed tea extract + fish oil after 6 months. In particular, significant improvements were observed in “memory recall” and “verbal fluency. Although the consumption of green tea and seafood has declined in recent years, this study suggests that tea extract and DHA intake may help improve quality of life for the elderly. Article: Effects of simultaneous intake of green tea extract and fish oil on cognitive function and plasma lipids in the elderly Japanese Journal of Food Science and Technology 62(2), 88-94, 2015

Kita Shigezaemon’s comment:
The Japanese diet before the Genroku era (1688-1704) is also known to include a one-soup, three-course meal and a brown rice diet. Also, as a lifestyle color of Japanese people, there is fish as a food from the sea. I am not sure how to explain this to a vegan, but the combination of fish and Japanese green tea seems to be a healthy food. I recommend our upgraded, matcha paste, which makes it easy to drink matcha anywhere, anytime. It contains twice as much catechins as regular green tea. https://ujimatchapaste.jp/


ミネラル成分の銅が不足するとどうなるか ?What happens when the mineral element copper is deficient ?


ミネラル成分の銅の働きと1日の摂取量 | 健康長寿ネットミネラル成分の銅は成人の体内に約70から100㎎含まれており、骨、骨格筋に約50%、肝臓中に約10%存在するほか、血液、脳www.tyojyu.or.jp